A portrait of Georgette Biebie Songo

Our chariwoman, Georgette Biebie Songo, affectionately known as Mama Georgette, has been an advocate for the promotion of human rights, and the rights of women in particular, for over 15 years. She has helped create awareness for young people and women in areas related to gender, education, accountability, ethics and HIV prevention awareness/AIDS throughout the entire territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has received a UN Women Honorific Award in 2016 for her actions for women in the D.R.C.  She has also participated in mobilizing and distributing emergency food and medical aid to the affected populations in the regions during periods of crises, and has fought the fight against extreme poverty of women through several women’s organizations in her country. Georgette has helped set up multiple microfinance institutions across the D.R.C to help deprived victims of sexual violence, to strengthen their economic capacities, and to enable them to meet the basic needs of their respective families.

With a PhD in Pharmacy, she has taught Toxicology and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Algeria, at the Marien Ngouabi Faculty of Congo Brazzaville and at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is also a Gender Trainer at the UNESCO Chair at the University of Kinshasa.

A few years ago, Monusco, the United Nations peacekeeping force based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, produced a little documentary to showcase this woman’s extraordinary will and accomplishments to bring change to the  country through women empowerment.


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