Meet Mama Felly, a diamond in the rough from Kenge

Besides running the foundation, Mama Georgette is also a professor in pharmacy at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN) and an expert at UNIKIN’s Pharmacovigilance Center. The center is responsible for monitoring and collecting data on the undesirable effects of a variety of drugs, medicines, and vaccines.

As such, Mama Georgette was sent on a mission to Kenge, a small city approximately 200km away from Kinshasa. Sponsored by the Global Fund¬†through the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Rural Health program (SANRU), the mission’s objective was to equip local health providers with cellphones and train them to report on any adverse effects they come across.

Mama Georgette would not miss this opportunity to meet the women of Kenge and was touched by Mama Felly’s daily struggle to try and bring quality, healthy food to local workers. Mama Felly also happens to be the president of a local association of 300 women who fit perfectly into the GBS Foundation’s selection criteria for its women’s bank program. Kenge’s location, right between Kinshasa and Kikwit, also makes it an excellent candidate for a future expansion of the foundation’s program. We would like to welcome Mama Felly to the program: she truly is a diamond in the rough who must shine like a thousand stars.


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